Author Rob Waterlander Dorit Sasson spoke with Rob Waterlander, of the book, How I learned the Law of Fear: The Journey of Rob Waterlander on how to develop trust in God and use fear to your advantage. Read on for his unique approach to letting go of fear and why it’s necessary in today’s challenging world. 

Letting go and trusting God

Dorit Sasson: So many people seem to struggle with building a connection with God. In your book The Law of Fear, how do you let go of fear and trust God?


Rob Waterlander: Fear still plays a role in my life, though once I received the message on fear and advice to fear the good stuff, I changed my perspective on the emotion we all allow to hold us hostage. So, I started to use the strong emotions of fear to help me feel good instead of bringing feelings of discomfort by fearing things I want to avoid.

"I am afraid" saying with an image of a fieldI would think things like:


Trusting God is based on my belief. Do I understand everything? No, but I have faith that trusting God is the right choice.

Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, it feels better thinking and talking about things that lift you up. Believe it or not, anyone who fears the good stuff feels better than those fearing the bad stuff. What it is you decide to fear is up to you, though most often you unintentionally fear the things you don’t want. Change the way you look at your fears and you can change your life. Why pay attention to negativity that is causing you to feel emotionally off?


Connecting with your inner self

DS: That makes a lot of sense. Another thing I see people struggling with is how to connect with their inner selves. How does this issue manifest itself in the book and how do you address it?

RW: In my own life self-deception led me to feel disconnected for years. Letting go of what the world offered me to see and eventually finding my purpose led to connecting with my inner self.


DS: I like the idea of looking at fear as a “law.” This sounds like an untapped opportunity. Please clarify how you developed this idea in the book.

book cover for "How I learned the law of fear: The Journey of Rob Waterlander"RW: In How I Learned the Law of Fear I am taking you on a journey to the actual moment when I experienced my epiphany on fear. From there, I explain what the law of fear offers you and hand you the tools to apply the law of fear to your own life.

Our fears are most often about the scariest things. In the book, I turn the 6 most common basic or normal fears people choose to deal with in life and coin them as the “6 laws of fears.”

For example, the “fear of criticism” becomes “fear of recognition.” Do it and see how it changes the way you feel as well as your experiences.


Understanding spiritual resilience

DS: It is very clear to see that The Law of Fear is a deeply personal spiritual growth book. How can people use the concept of spiritual resilience to their advantage?

RW: To stay spiritually resilient, you need to figure out how to take action, find your purpose, and keep the faith during challenging times. How does God want me to live my life? What is fear after all? It is indecision, a way to resist, and escape. The law of fear is all about taking action.

Apprehension creates dis-ease and controls our thoughts. Fearmongers keep you powerless. A weak and defenseless mind makes you vulnerable to fearful thoughts and paralyzes your ability to seek new opportunities. There is a saying: “Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Stick to that and life will become amazingly simple. Normal fears will stop us from being resilient. The law of fear will help us stay resilient.


Stories of faith in action

DS: I completely agree that taking action is how we can ultimately kill fear. Tell us about the defining moment of the divine encounter with the holy spirit. In what way did it define your character?

RW: After being baptized in the Jordan River, a woman on the banks of the river approached me and said in Hebrew and English, “Put the fire in him” and “Many sheep will follow.”

Later that day, Jesus would reveal himself in my hotel room while overlooking the Lake of Galilee. Fifteen years later I would receive a “fear” message. I felt as if I was literally on top of the mountain seeing clearly. And on the days when I wonder about life, I strive to keep going, feeling peaceful, applying the law of fear knowledge to help stay empowered. I’m just an ordinary person, yet my devotion to him is strong, and that is possibly the work of the Holy Spirit.