What if you could transform your fears for your greatest dream?

What if you could see fear as a powerful motivator instead of getting stuck?

Rob Waterlander understood that staying stuck in his fears was not an option. Despite his dark moments, he discovered the transformative power of confronting his fears head-on. In the spiritual healing and growth book How I Learned the Law of Fear: The Journey of Rob Waterlander, Rob recounts his personal journey toward self-actualization.

This unique book, blending both self-help and memoir not only illuminates the breakthrough he experienced but also serves as a guide to understanding how to use fear to your advantage. By embracing the practice of fearing the positive, Rob discovered uncharted path in his life.

What raving readers are saying

“Reading your book has changed my whole way of thinking, being, doing, receiving, and giving.”

“An inspirational story.” 

“A extremely powerful story.”

book cover for "How I learned the law of fear: The Journey of Rob Waterlander"

This unique book, blending both self-help and memoir, unveils how to connect with your inner self while sidestepping the paralyzing grip of your deepest fears.

Within these pages you’ll discover

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