Living your best life

Getting clarity about what I really want matters. My soul becomes alive when I am aligned with my purpose and sharing my message to get people to think about their lives.

I’m not your typical motivational coach. I believe in aligning a client’s thoughts with their passion, clarity and desires. When a client gets clarity, it’s easier to work from a place of intention. I believe a career choice is possible when we are intentional about the kind of work that fills us up with a calling.

Years ago, my career started in the banking industry and transitioned into sales. When I experienced a major burn out after being injured in a subway accident, I felt called to organize youth soccer events for charity.

The sports world, however, was nothing new to me. When a retired athlete reached out with an opportunity to coach professional soccer players. 

Motivating and supporting others, especially those with a reduced mobility or in pain, is part of my calling.

Today, my path leads to a different vision: to grow a ministry of believers and non-believers together. I believe love is the bridge between the spiritual and the human. I believe in love centered on wisdom and spiritual guidance of spiritual learning without imposing rules, laws and orthodoxy. We all deserve to be compassionate to ourselves and others. There’s no excuse not to, regardless of one’s views. 


What matters in my creative work right now

On 14 April, 2014, I received a divine message: ‘Stop fearing that which you do not want to happen, and instead, be afraid of what you do want.’

That insight led to coauthoring the book, How I Learned the Law of Fear: ‘The Journey of Rob Waterlander, which chronicles my personal journey of navigating the law of fear.’ 

I believe that sharing my personal story helps others see themselves in my story. My vulnerability can help them shift their perspective with the principles of the Law of Fear and develop the habit of fearing the good stuff while letting go of the habit of fearing the bad stuff.

Applying the Law of Fear to your life is easy. Most of the time we have no good reason to fear and worry about bad stuff happening. Pretend fearing the things you actually do desire to happen and those things will sooner or later manifest in some sort of way in your life. 

Fear is one of the strongest and most productive emotions.

Read my book, play with the content, rethink the concept of fear, and contact me for 1 on 1 or group sessions, or attend a meeting where I speak. 

Essentially the Law of Fear helps a person take control of her life without going back into old and familiar patterns.

Teaching the principles of the Law of Fear to my clients is empowering; they learn how to not activate fear and worry about things they can’t control and transform destructive anxiety into constructive anxiety.


Why telling my story of how I “overcame” fear is crucial

We have the potential to live a fulfilling life, but do we have the courage? Trying new things can help a person understand himself in an enriched way. 

Yet our susceptibility to negative influences often stops us in our tracks when listening to other people’s advice, whether it’s our friends, reading newspapers or watching the news sharing their doom and gloom.

The truth is we have nothing to fear and nothing to overcome.

I was able to unlearn the habit of fearing things that aren’t helpful and ultimately causes to sabotage our life. Learning and applying law of fear led to a change of perspective eventually freeing myself from being controlled by fear. When you want that change, learn how to use the powerful emotion of fear to assist you with manifesting your heart’s desires. 


A life-changing event that shaped my understanding of fear

While working in the airport hospitality service, I would often assist unaccompanied minors. One day I was assigned to pick up a young girl so she could reunite with her sister in the Netherlands for three months. However, a man suddenly appeared which startled her. I had an unsettling feeling about the situation. Here she was with no luggage, except for a tiny children’s backpack. Something didn’t add up, though eventually the airport police let her leave the airport despite the circumstances.

What appeared to appear as a scary incident actually impacted the ground crew. I jumped at the opportunity to investigate incidents of unaccompanied minors. I turned into a child advocate literally overnight. I couldn’t bear to see young children being at risk for trafficking. I couldn’t bear to see children being taken advantage of.  

With my newly found “Law of Fear” I could see opportunities for blessings. We can either focus on hardships and difficulties or focus on the positive.  Witnessing child-trafficking led me to meet with Europol executives, people at the ministry of transport and justice, Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), civil lawyers and being approached by the CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

What an empowering experience!


What you may not know about me

I am blessed to have been an adopted child in the Netherlands by loving parents. They modeled to me good character and values that later down the road, would impact me in more ways than I could imagine. 

My travels have led me to long-term residence in San Diego, Jamaica, and London 

I have fond memories of my grandmom’s German Shepherd. As kids, Sita and I were away for most of the day strolling the pastures. My love of pets continued throughout childhood. As a child, I remember growing up with cats, goldfish and even a baby duck we raised at home.  When it was my turn to raise a family, we also raised a baby duck too that enjoyed chasing the postman.

Now, I have no pets, although I love the idea of walking in the fields with my own German Shepherd.

The last “wild” animal I came face to face with was a buffalo in Wyoming. Soon after receiving the epiphany of fear, and already having the desire to find a herd of buffalo I decided to apply the knowledge of the Law of Fear. In this way, I imagined feeling the anxiety of being up close and personal with one that would lick my face and hands, and it did manifest. 

book cover for "How I learned the law of fear: The Journey of Rob Waterlander"

How I Learned the Law of Fear

Rob’s first book, How I Learned the World of Fear is a book on fearing the good things and bringing about lasting change in a world of uncertainty.